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Rotarians donate special Christmas tree-themed gift to Summerfield school

Members of the Rotary Club of The Villages-Evening recently delivered a special donation to a Summerfield elementary school.

Rotarians Tim Treat, left, and Vern Sikora, second from right, recently delivered this Christmas tree-themed bookshelf to Harbour View Elementary School in Summerfield. Media Specialist Sarah Nelson, second from left, and Principal Robert Hensel, right, were excited to receive the special gift, which was built by Rotary members Rich Iberer and Vern Sikora.

Rotarians Rich Iberer and Vern Sikora worked together to create a Christmas Tree-themed bookshelf for a contest and auction. Members Rich and Carole Iberer then purchased the shelf and donated it to the library/media center at Harbour View Elementary School.

Sikora and member Tim Treat delivered and assembled the bookshelf at the school this past week. Media Center Specialist Sarah Nelson was quite excited to receive the bookshelf. She named it the Giving Tree and said it will hold free books for students to choose from.

Nelson said she also had several other ideas of how the Giving Tree could be used throughout the year.

“By adding casters on the bottom, it could be easily moved to different locations in the school for events and things,” Sikora said.

Left: Sarah Nelson, media specialist at Harbour View Elementary School, was more than thrilled to receive a Christmas tree-themed bookshelf from the Rotary Club of The Villages-Evening. Right: Rotarians Vern Sikora and Tim Treat assemble the special donation.

Principal Robert Hensel said he was very appreciative of the customized bookshelf and the assistance his school receives from the Rotary Club throughout the year.

“Even with COVID-19 restrictions, they are always thinking of us,” he said. “This is a creative asset for encouraging reading.”

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