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Attorney for Villagers fighting apartments wants Tuesday’s hearing delayed

Attorney Alison Yurko

An attorney hired by a group of Villagers battling against the construction of apartments is calling on the Sumter County Commission to delay a public hearing set for Tuesday.

Attorney Alison Yurko of Winter Park has been retained by Villagers who are trying to stop The Villages from building a nearly 300-unit apartment complex at the former site of the Hacienda Hills Country Club, as well putting apartments at three town squares.

Commissioners are scheduled to discuss the controversial apartment proposal at 5 p.m. Tuesday at Everglades Recreation Center at the Village of Fenney.

In a letter sent Friday to the Sumter County Commission, Yurko outlined the objections to the apartment complex and asks commissioners to continue the matter rather than move forward with Tuesday’s public hearing. You can read her letter at this link: Attorney’s letter to the Sumter County Commission

Villager Patsy Oburn, at podium, spoke out earlier this month before the Sumter County Commission on new apartments in The Villages. Seated at the computer and wearing a black mask is attorney Jo Thacker representing The Villages.

Commissioner Doug Gilpin

Commissioner Doug Gilpin originally said he would move to delay consideration of the plan until the new commissioners take office on Nov. 10. However, the longtime employee of the T&D family of companies reversed himself two weeks later and said this commission, which includes three lame duck commissioners ousted in the August primary election, should determine the fate of the apartment complex. The apartments at Hacienda Hills Country Club, Spanish Springs Town Square, Lake Sumter Landing and Brownwood, are apparently a high priority for the Developer of The Villages, judging from the amount of time and manpower being invested in the multi-family housing.

Jo Thacker in 2016 served as the “Big Boss” of the Silver Spurs Rodeo.

The Developer has brought in his own hired gun, Orlando attorney Jo Thacker, whose varied set of skills includes acting as the “Big Boss” of a major rodeo. She has represented The Villages at a previous Sumter County Commission meeting and the Lady Lake Commission. 

Patsy Oburn, who purchased her home in 2013, is leading the fight against the apartments at Hacienda Hills and is encouraging her fellow residents to attend Tuesday’s Sumter County Commission meeting. She said she is grateful to her neighbors who chipped in to raise money for legal fees so they can be represented by Yurko.

She is most impressive and we feel that she greatly increases our odds of a positive outcome,” Oburn said.

You can learn more about the opposition to the apartments at V2PW.com

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