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Removing Trump from office

To the Editor:

Are you sorry now Rod Rosenstein?
Our reign of pandemonium is ending as it started.  At the start of Trump’s rule, Rod Rosenstein, his attorney general, and cabinet members discussed invoking the 25th Amendment and removing Trump from office because he is mentally unfit. Certainly, this was a momentous undertaking for cabinet members to remove a president from their own party.  I suppose they told themselves his mental illness might get better. But as we know, it did not. There were grave indications that Trump was and still is closely tied to Russia. I’m wondering, have you read, “The Investigation into Russian Interference In the 2016 Election”? Maybe you should start reading it now. Trump daily abuses our branches of government, verbally assaults our citizens and our heroes. He has tried every way he could to destroy America.  Don’t forget about the last three week’s events. Other than trying to overthrow our government, he tried to force Georgia Secretary of State to engage in election fraud, he threatened him with criminal consequences if he did not pursue Trump’s false claims. Trump discussed trying to impose martial law and directing the military to hold a new election, and in another call, Trump pressured a Georgia elections investigator in what could amount to obstruction. White House officials pressured a Georgia federal prosecutor to resign for not pursuing voting fraud allegation to Trump’s satisfaction.
This demi-god’s first curse was to introduce lies and misinformation. Don’t underestimate this attack, this is a dangerous cancer let loose on the world that will be hard to expel.  Second curse was COVID-19.  With 23 million illnesses and 373,000 deaths and all the health complications and financial distress and mental health issues that we all will face for years because of his paranoia. Even though Trump was warned time and again, he denied the pandemic existed and then acknowledged that it did exist but was completely under control.  No, it is growing like wildfire. United States of America has more than half of the world’s cases. Third curse is not one that is talked about much yet because, of course, every day in this country, it is a new explosive chaotic event caused by a demi-god with a malignant personality disorder, better known as Trump. There has been a massive intelligence coup by Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service. Another colossal failure.
We have not even started to determine how grave this is. So this reign is ending just like it started with invoking the 25th Amendment and Russian ties to Trump. Of course don’t forget about the loss of lives, money, and incredible national debt, loss of jobs, the world and our allies believing that we are no longer America, the division among us. Trump is having a very negative effect on religion in this country.  There is nothing Godly about this man. He has an extremely atrocious background. Trump destroys everything he touch and religion is no different. Trump is our generation’s Hitler.
What else do we not know about that will be deadly?  We are not safe! Trump has questioned three of his top cabinet members as to why it would be problematic if he used nuclear weapons.
Trump knows very well that he lost the election. Stop The Steal was organized as a way to raise money for a slush fund for him and his family. Trump’s world is closing in on him.  Once he leaves office, the world will find out who he is. Bring up “List of Lawsuits involving Donald Trump” in Wikipedia then you will understand his latest actions.
The largest companies and CEOs across our country are calling for Trump to resign or the 25th Amendment to be involved.
I don’t know what to say to you Villages cult members who idolize this Hitler, other than go ahead and wave your Trump flags but leave my American flag at home!

Linda Witt
Village of Santo Domingo

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