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America’s most loved president

John Shewchuk

Never before has America seen such spontaneous enthusiasm for a president.

When was the last time massive crowds chanted “We Love You” to a world leader? Let me be clear … those crowds gathered on their own free will and on their own dime. It was real, heartfelt, and unscripted.  The last time anything like this happened was in 2008, when Sarah Palin drew massive crowds, dwarfing McCain’s appeal.  Those crowds spontaneously erupted with … “Sa-rah! Sa-rah! Sa-rah!”

Trump’s appeal is not only massive, but enduring, which is driving the Left nuts.  When Obama left office, it was hurray!  Bon-voyage!  But when Trump left, the political dialog continued in earnest.  It seems like he never actually left the presidency.

President Trump arrives this past October at The Villages Polo Fields aboard Marine One.

Phooey you say?  Well for the last few weeks, each time I check the first page of, I’ve consistently found “Trump” mentioned more frequently than “Biden.”  Isn’t that interesting.   

As the Left continues its fascination with Trump, he continues to receive free publicity just like in 2016.  And just like the media pooh-poohed him in 2016, Trump also knows his support is widespread and resolute.  This support is everywhere, and with each job Biden kills, Trump’s support grows.  Communities across the country are naming streets, town squares, and local holidays in his name.  His deep national support is like a heartbeat …

Trump – Trump – Trump – Trump – Trump.

The more the Left tramples on America’s founding freedoms, the greater the Trump heartbeat grows.  You may not see it – you may not hear it – but you can fee-e-e-e-l the energy.

Trump – America’s most loved president is not done making America great.

Villager John Shewchuk is a frequent contributor to

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