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One Day University Brings Top-Tier Professors Online With New Courses Streaming Live Every Day

For fourteen years, One Day University has brought together hundreds of the nation’s top professors to present one-day versions of their very best lectures, with no homework, grades, or tests. Before the pandemic, One Day University hosted wildly popular seminars in 61 cities around the country, given by professors from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Cornell, and dozens of other schools. Of course, in 2020 everything changed.

With in-person events cancelled, One Day University quickly pivoted to an online membership model. The new program, which costs $8.95 per month or $89 per year (read more for exclusive discount information), is modeled after that of Netflix or Spotify. Members can participate in new live-streamed lectures five days a week at 4pm Eastern, where they are invited to ask questions of professors via “Chatroll” to enhance the cognitive experience.

All livestreamed talks are added to the extensive video library immediately after they air, so you can enjoy them on your schedule. This quickly growing library now contains over 500 fascinating talks, available on-demand.

One Day University has a reputation for unique, interesting, eclectic topics. Some of the most popular recent talks include The Science of Happiness, The Mind of Abraham Lincoln, Four Films that Changed America, and The Five Most Powerful People in the World.

One Day University: The country's best professors present their classes
One Day University: The country’s best professors present their classes

One Day University members have praised the program, which some say has been a lifesaving activity to stay stimulated. “It was such a great feeling to learn from a college professor,” said member Robert Norman. “For a few hours I felt like I was 19 again.”

Members Bill and Linda Spinne sang similar praises. “A great idea. Every lecture has been informative and well presented. Particularly valuable has been the variety of speakers and subject matter. We will participate again and again.”

Since April of 2020, One Day University has added more than 21,000 new online members. They also recently introduced Premium Programs for lifelong learners who want to dig deeper into topics like the Civil War, wine, the universe, and other fascinating subjects over longer, in-depth courses.

Right now, One Day University is offering a two-week, commitment-free trial to anyone who signs up for a membership. Readers of The Villages News can save even more if they choose a yearly plan – just select “yearly plan” at checkout, then enter code VILLAGES to access a full year for $72 (20% off). Click here to start learning today.

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