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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Two more COVID-19 cases reported at Villages Charter School this month

Two more cases of COVID-19 have been reported at The Villages Charter School this month.

The latest case was reported May 10 and another one was identified May 3. Overall, 258 cases have been reported among Sumter County public school students, with more than 35 percent of those being at the school that largely educates children of the Developer’s family, Villages employees and those who work in various businesses in the mega-retirement community.

All told, Florida is reporting 2,278,549 COVID-19 cases – an increase of 6,447 from Monday to Wednesday. Of those, 2,235,969 are residents. A total of 85,347 COVID-19 cases have been reported in long-term care centers and 32,582 in correctional facilities. Across the state, there have been 36,598 deaths and 92,554 people have been hospitalized.

Locally, 32 new COVID-19 cases were reported Wednesday in and around The Villages. Those include:

  • The Villages (Sumter, Lake and Marion counties) up 2 for a total of 4,637;
  • Leesburg up 10 for a total of 4,493;
  • Belleview up 7 for a total of 1,381;
  • Lady Lake up 5 for a total of 1,724;
  • Wildwood up 4 for a total of 1,097;
  • Fruitland Park up 2 for a total of 853;
  • Oxford up 1 for a total of 548; and
  • Summerfield up 1 for a total of 1,935.

Below is a breakdown of other COVID-19 activity in the local area:


  • Cases: 70,724 – increase of 202
  • Deaths: 1,883
  • Hospitalizations: 4,324


  • Cases: 9,369 – increase of 13
  • Deaths: 278
  • Hospitalizations: 580
  • Vaccinations: 84,445 (74,109 both doses)
  • Areas/cities with most cases: The Villages (4,266), Wildwood (1,097), Bushnell (1,042), Coleman (854) and Oxford (548).


  • Cases: 29,997 – increase of 112
  • Deaths: 638
  • Hospitalizations: 1,548
  • Vaccinations: 171,665 (140,580 both doses)
  • Cities with most cases: Clermont (8,030), Leesburg (4,493), Eustis (2,621), Mount Dora (2,169) and Groveland (2,069). The Villages also is reporting 188 cases.


  • Cases: 31,358 – increase of 77
  • Deaths: 967
  • Hospitalizations: 2,196
  • Vaccinations: 139,310 (114,388 both doses)
  • Cities with most cases: Ocala (22,924), Summerfield (1,935), Dunnellon (1,458), Belleview (1,381) and Silver Springs (689). The Villages also is reporting 183 cases.

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