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Villager describes ‘nightmare’ situation after hospital ransomware attack

George Mayhew and his dog, Mr. Wrigley of the Village of Duval.

A Villager described a “nightmare” situation he endured as a result of the ransomware attack which has crippled computers at UF-Health The Villages Hospital and Leesburg Regional Medical Center.

In recent months, George Mayhew of the Village of Duval has battled a foot infection, pneumonia and other health issues.

This past Tuesday, he was supposed to have paperwork taken care of ahead of a procedure he was to undergo involving his aortic valve at LRMC.

“They couldn’t do it because their computers weren’t working,” Mayhew said.

He went back the following day and everything had to be completed by paper and pen. It took hours.

“What a nightmare,” he said.

Mayhew went in for the procedure on Friday and everything went fine.

“I had confidence in my doctor. If it wasn’t for him, I would have left,” Mayhew said.

While he was having the procedure performed, Mayhew’s wife noticed something unusual, as she waited for her husband’s release from the out-patient procedure.

“She saw about 100 pizzas being delivered to the hospital,” Mayhew said.

Last week, hospital personnel told Villages-News.com that the cafeterias have not been accessible due to the ransomware attack shutting down the cash registers.

And that’s not the only inconvenience that hospital staffers are facing as a result of the cyberattack which apparently began on Memorial Day, the same week a new COO took over at the two hospitals.

A staffer at LRMC claims that employees aren’t getting paid for the extra hours worked since the ransomware attack. The staffer said direct deposits are being made to their bank accounts, but the amounts are based on the hours which were being worked prior to the cyber intrusion.

The staffer said frustrated employees have been quitting because of what is taking place. The hospital has consistently remained tight-lipped.

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