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AAC agrees to limit golf cart travel on newly renovated executive course

The Amenity Authority Committee has agreed to limit golf cart travel on a newly renovated executive golf course in The Villages.

The nine-hole golf course is undergoing a $329,234 renovation, paid for by amenity money collected and overseen by the AAC.

When the pristine golf course reopens, it will be “cart path only” traffic unless a golfer has a “reasonable accommodation” or it is a Par 4 section of the course.

In the past, there has been more leeway for golfers at The Villages’ original golf course, located on the Historic Side.

When the Silver Lake course reopens, the change will be announced, following a decision reached Wednesday by the AAC.

AAC member Ann Forrester predicted residents will have an unfavorable reaction.

“To right off the bat, say you can’t use your golf cart, is a big deal,” Forrester said.

However, fellow AAC members agreed to push ahead with the change, in part because golf courses in The Villages have taken a beating due to surging use due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The change will be communicated through signage and flyers.

AAC members agreed to monitor the reaction and listen to feedback from residents.

A reopening date has not been announced.

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