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Saturday, June 12, 2021

HUD incommunicado about dead Villager’s home in foreclosure

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has been incommunicado about a dead Villager’s home in foreclosure and descending into a neighborhood eyesore.

The home owned by the Estate of Korlene Saunders, located at 807 Beechwood Ave. in the Village of Silver Lake, was the subject of a deed compliance hearing Wednesday afternoon before the Village Center Community Development District Board of Supervisors.

807 Beechwood Ave.
807 Beechwood Ave.

A complaint was received April 12 about mold on the home, a damaged awning and damage to the skirting of the manufactured home that dates back to 1981. The complaint was verified the following day.

In addition to being in foreclosure, the utilities have been shut off and the real estate taxes have not been paid.

This awning is broken at the home at 1416 Lindsey Lane
This awning is broken at the home at 807 Beechwood Ave.

Saunders died in 2017 at age 87. Her husband preceded her in death and no children were listed as survivors in her obituary. She served for 25 years in the Leesburg Regional Medical Center Auxiliary where she was a past president. She was a member of North Lake Presbyterian Church.

Attempts to remedy the situation have been stymied by the fact that Community Standards has left messages with HUD, but those messages have not been returned.

The VCCDD board found the property to be in violation of deed compliance. The board granted five days for the property to be brought back into compliance. If it isn’t brought into compliance, a series of fines will be imposed.

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