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HUD-owned home with mold raises concern of official in The Villages

A home owned by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development which has mold growing on it has raised the concern of an elected official in The Villages.

The home located at 748 Artesia Ave. in the Village of Summerhill was the subject of a public hearing Friday morning before the Community Development District 3 Board of Supervisors.

A complaint about overgrown grass, weeds and mold at the home was received April 1. The violation was verified the following day.

Community Standards has reached out to Novad Management, the property preservation department working with HUD. On May 24, it was indicated a work order had been submitted. However, as of this week, the property remained in violation of deed compliance.

748 Artesia Avenue
748 Artesia Ave.

Supervisor Stefan Franklin examined photographs of the home presented during the public hearing and noted the home has mold “all the way around it.” He said he is concerned about the potential impact on neighbors.

“We are going to let that mold, grow and grow and grow?  There is no way we can let mold grow, especially in the heat,” Franklin said.

State statutes do not permit the District to go onto the property and power wash the home. Assistant District Manager Carrie Duckett indicated that if there are concerns about the mold, the Sumter County Health Department should be contacted.

The District is allowed to go onto the property and mow.

CDD 3 supervisors agreed to maintain the property twice a month in the summer and once a month in the winter. HUD will be fined $250 each time the property is mowed.

District Counsel Mark Brionez also noted that a lien could be placed on the property if the fines pile up and it remains out of compliance.

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