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Monday, September 20, 2021

Those responsible for Jan. 6 attacks should pay the price

To the Editor:

Anyone with half a brain in our community and its environs should have been moved emotionally and patriotically, not to mention being influenced by the indelible stain placed on our nation – including the mid section of the Sunshine State – by the testimony of those four brave and heroic law enforcement officers who testified before the select committee to uncover the truth about January 6, a day that will live in infamy in our country, just like December 7 (1941) and 9-11.
As Officer Dunn (who testified to the racial slurs he had to endure) made it quite clear when asked by Chair Benny Thompson what he (Dunn) wanted the select committee to accomplish, when a hit man gets jail time for the hit (s)he was ordered to do, so should the person that ordered the hit. In this case, that means all the way up to Trump if that is where the facts and the truth take the members of the committee. This should the bottom line for every resident of The Villages, regardless of political stripe.

Miles Zaremski
Village of Dunedin


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