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From Designing Olympic Tech Suits to Inventing Non-Slip Bra Inserts for Women Everywhere

For 15 years, Angie Kornas worked on technical racing suits for the Olympics to shaping, supportive swimwear for women. There was one thing that remained consistent in all swimsuit brands, no matter the quality, price point- all the removable bra inserts that came with swimsuits were terrible. They constantly moved around, bunched up and fell out. Not only was she personally frustrated, but women everywhere would light up talking about how awful the flimsy pieces of foam were.

Angie Kornas worked on technical racing suits for the Olympics to shaping supportive swimwear for women.
Angie Kornas worked on technical racing suits for the Olympics to shaping supportive swimwear for women before developing Honey Cloudz.

Kornas searched the market for a better option worldwide and found nothing that would fix this real problem. She was blown away by the lack of design improvements over the last few decades. Bra inserts hadn’t been reengineered or reimagined in over 20 years! These pads are important for women because they provide nipple coverage, shaping and added support. They can even help women balance 2 different sized breasts, a very common issue, wearing an insert on the smaller side. Inserts are typically worn in regular bras, swimsuits, sports bras to dresses and tops.

Honey Cloudz are the world's first patented removable non slip bra pad inserts.
Honey Cloudz are the world’s first patented removable non-slip bra pad inserts.

Determined to make better inserts for all women, Kornas devoted 2 years to the development of Honey Cloudz – the world’s first patented removable non-slip bra pad inserts. They were wear tested on women of all ages and sizes. From marathon runners, lap swimmers, busy moms and nanas; they were put through the test of sweat, chlorine and seawater passing with flying colors. The unique grip is on the outside and sticks to all fabrics. The inside is soft and smooth. There is nothing sticky touching the skin. With her background in product development, quality and fit are of upmost importance. The lightweight inserts are seamless and offer 5 sizes allowing for more women to be covered and have great fitting inserts. Honey Cloudz also offers 5 skin tone-based shades providing an undetectable look even in lighter colors and thin fabrics. At her core, Angie believes that all women should be able to have bra inserts that fit properly and are close to them in skin tone. Now they can with Honey Cloudz. 

In their first year of launching, Oprah Magazine coined the inserts “Ingenious” (February 2019) The following year, Honey Cloudz was featured on ABC’s “The View” and sold out of inventory in one day. Kornas says “we are continuing to grow every month and I couldn’t be happier bringing better inserts to all women. It’s about time.” To learn more about Honey Cloudz visit honeycloudz.com.

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