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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Villager claims Developer abandoning promise of restaurant at demolished country club site

A Villager claims the Developer is abandoning a promise of a restaurant at the demolished Hacienda Hills Country Club site.

The unveiling of a site plan for an apartment complex at the property off Morse Boulevard will take place between 3 to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 25 in Room 102 at The Villages Sumter County Service Center at Pinellas Plaza. Villagers living within 500-feet of the Hacienda Hills Country Club site have been invited to the meeting by Sumter County Administrator Bradley Arnold.

Evelyn Krawczyk, who lives on Presa Place, not far from the former country club, says there is a notable absence from the Developer’s site plan – a restaurant.

The once proud Hacienda Hills Country Club came down in July 2020.

She has searched county transcripts and recordings and secured documentation of promises from Villages Vice President Martin Dzuro and others who had promised – on the record – that a restaurant would be located at the site to include apartments, a swimming pool, sports courts and a walking trail.

Marty Dzuro speaks during the Oct. 27 Sumter County Commission meeting
Marty Dzuro speaks during the Oct. 27 Sumter County Commission meeting.

“We want those residents (surrounding Hacienda Hills) to have a new sustainable restaurant,” Dzuro is quoted as saying in an Oct. 27 meeting of the Sumter County Commission.  

She said his promise can clearly be heard in the audio recording of the meeting available on the Sumter County website.

It was a little over a year ago that furious residents were aghast when the Amenity Authority Committee voted 4-1 to hand over hundreds of amenity privileges to the future apartment dwellers at the Hacienda Hills site.

At the time, a representative of the Developer also told the AAC that the apartment complex would include a swimming pool open to all residents of The Villages as well as a restaurant.

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