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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Villager banned from swimming pool after vulgar political argument

A Villager has been banned from a swimming pool after a political argument with a fellow resident.

The Villages District Office has confirmed that Village of Hadley resident Ed McGinty has been banned from his neighborhood swimming pool.

The Hadley Swimming Pool
Villager Ed McGinty has been banned from the Hadley swimming pool.

McGinty has long been a controversial force in The Villages. He has prompted hoots and horn honking whenever he has prominently displayed his golf cart, always awash with signs with provocative charges against former President Trump.

Ed McGinty stands next to his golf cart in June 2020 on Buena Vista Boulevard.

A Villager said she went to the Hadley pool wearing a T-shirt proclaiming, “Joe Biden Sucks.” McGinty, who was at the pool with his golf cart, allegedly called the woman a “pig.” An argument ensued that reportedly included plenty of vulgarity coming from McGinty.

Sumter County sheriff’s deputies were called to the pool and spoke to the woman and six other witnesses. The decision was made to have McGinty trespassed from the pool.

McGinty apparently hasn’t given up his crusade. His golf cart, adorned with political signs, was spotted Friday afternoon at the Mallory Square pool.

Ed McGintys golf cart was parked Friday afternoon at the Mallory Square swimming pool
Ed McGinty’s golf cart was parked Friday afternoon at the Mallory Square swimming pool.

McGinty and his golf cart have been a steady source of controversy here in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown:

• McGinty first made national headlines in January 2020 when he clashed with another resident who was upset because of his attacks on Trump.

In March 2020, McGinty was interviewed by a CNN film crew as passing motorists shouted plenty of expletives and a wide-eyed trolley-load of prospective homebuyers took it all in.

Villager Ed McGinty speaks with CNN reporter Randi Kaye in 2020.

McGinty called the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office for help last year after claiming he was attacked.

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