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Lake County GOP demanding legislative action to improve election integrity

The Lake County Florida Republican Party has unanimously approved five resolutions to send to all Florida legislators demanding legislative action to improve election integrity.

“Many voters of all parties are angry at the findings of election fraud around the states and this is the first action responding to constant Republican concerns about election integrity in Florida,” the party said in a news release.

Here are highlights of the five resolutions suggested by Lake County Republicans to improve election integrity:

LCREC Resolution 2021-001: “Demanding a Forensic Audit of the Nov. 3, 2020 Election”:  Many voters are concerned that the Nov. 3, 2020 election was inaccurate due to many reports, and court and legislative hearings since that date. This is a commendation and support for Lake County’s Florida House District 32 Representative Anthony Sabatini’s efforts and his bill HB-99 (Forensic Audit of the 2020 General Elections) requesting the Florida Governor appoint an independent third party to conduct a forensic audit of the 2020 general election for every Florida County over 250,000 in population (which includes Lake County).  The LCREC resolution calls for every elected official to support the bill and demand they support full, independent forensic audits of all elections in every state and other specified actions.
LCREC Resolution 21-002 – “Demanding that Poll Watchers Have Sufficient Access and Proximity to observe all Polling Place Processes”:  Demands the Florida legislature clarify vague rules in the Florida Division of Elections Manual to allow election poll watchers closer access to voter ID examinations. It also specifies other election site procedures allowing poll watchers to do their job of verifying voter id and other processes. 
LCREC Resolution 21-003 – “Demanding Legislation to Secure Proper Voting Procedures in Senior Care Facilities”:  190,000 Florida elderly live in senior care facilities which provide ample possibilities for abuse of the election process.  This resolution DEMANDS that legislative or administrative directives be provided to ensure no senior living facility staff influence or complete elderly patient election ballots.
LCREC Resolution 21-004 – “Demanding Observers be Allowed in the County Elections Superintendent Vote Counting Facilities (besides just voting sites)”:  Many aspects of the Florida County election process are conducted in the County Superintendent of Elections (SOE) facilities which are NOT observed by poll watchers.  This resolution DEMANDS Florida Legislative or Administrative direction be taken to allow observers in the counting facilities to monitor all aspects of ballot processing.  
LCREC Resolution 21-005 – “Demanding Dropbox Law Clarification” – Dropbox usage is a practice which is questioned by many voters and is viewed as a weakness in the voting system.  The use of observers at Dropboxes was not mentioned in the Florida elections statutes, thus this resolution DEMANDS legislation or administrative action to clarify enforcement measures at dropboxes and allow for observers to monitor dropbox operations.  
These resolutions are the first step in LCREC actions to encourage and facilitate improved Florida election integrity.  Further steps will include lobbying of ALL Florida legislators, administrators, County Election Superintendents and voters to implement requested improvements.  The actual proposed legislation will be drafted by volunteers and carried by supporting Florida House and Senate representatives. Voters will be asked to contact their Florida legislators to enact these resolutions. Voters will be notified about Florida Legislators who do not support these recommendations. 

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