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More legal trouble for Villager who blamed Trump for golf cart crash

Cary De Van
Cary De Van

An 83-year-old who last year blamed then-President Trump for a golf cart crash is facing more legal problems.

Cary De Van, who lives in the Broyhill Villas in the Village of Ashland, was arrested on a warrant and booked at 9:10 p.m. Saturday at the Sumter County Detention Center.

The Philadelphia, Pa. native’s legal trouble started on July 30, 2020 after crashing his golf cart in a golf cart tunnel in the vicinity of Buena Vista Boulevard and Rainey Trail. When law enforcement arrived on the scene, the golf cart had a broken axle and was missing its windshield. De Van told Sumter County sheriff’s deputies he had been “watching President Trump on TV then got really mad at what he said,” according to the report. That’s when he started pouring the vodka. By the time the crash occurred, De Van was “not able to stand under his own power” during field sobriety exercises and provided breath samples that registered .149 and .148 blood alcohol content.

As a result of that arrest, De Van’s license was suspended. However, he was caught back behind the wheel in January in Ocklawaha. He claimed he did not know his license had been suspended. He was released on $10,000 after that arrest. He did not comply with requirements from the Marion County Court and in March an order was issued instructing De Van to, “Report immediately to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.” He did not report to the sheriff’s office, leading to his arrest this past weekend in Sumter County.

De Van was also named in July in a small claims case by Citibank, which contends that De Van owes $2,923.79 in an outstanding balance on a Sears Mastercard.

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