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Friday, December 3, 2021

Ed McGinty vows to return to Hadley pool

To the Editor:

On 9/23/21 at Hadley Pool for the third time a woman who passed three pools to reach the pool I use, came in with a vulgar shirt that read “Biden Sucks.”
I had told her on her second visit to Hadley pool, that we at the pool, or so I thought, did not want politics brought into the pool area. I asked her to cover the T-shirt over her suit or remove it while in the pool area. When she refused I did try to shame her into removing herself from our Hadley pool. I called her names, I thought I could shame her to leave. But this woman has no shame. Only when I told her I would take her picture and post it so her grandchildren and extended family could see what a vulgar pig she was did she feel shame. Then her and five other Trump supporters called the police.
Bingo I found her shame button.
The police called John Rohan and they gave me a 30-day no trespass notice for Hadley pool. I will be back on Oct. 24. More on my protesting at her house in another letter if this gets published.

Edward McGinty
Village of Hadley


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