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Friday, December 3, 2021

Praising Trump is the only thing that unites Republicans

To the Editor:

For all their complaints about the state of the country, Republicans are offering few ideas for how to fix it — unless you believe that stopping educators from teaching kids about racism will fix all America’s problems.
As Congress gets closer to an agreement on a budget package, the Republican Party is missing from the negotiations. Democrats are working to nail down the details of policy proposals that could create the nation’s first paid family and medical leave program, make pre-K universal, lower the cost of child care, expand Medicare and prepare the nation for the effects of climate change. No one in Washington expects a single Republican member to cross the aisle to work with Democrats. Republicans are focused on issues like “critical race theory” or nonexistent voter fraud. Other than praising former President Trump or accusing Democrats of being socialists or communists, it’s hard to find a single issue that defines the modern Republican Party.

Carole Thompson
Village of Summerhill


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