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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Hygiene and food temperature issues require followup inspection at Fiesta Grande

An inspector was forced to stop the sale of Chorizo Shrimp for fear of harmful health effects during an unexpected visit to a Mexican restaurant in The Villages.

Numerous violations were cited Nov. 1 during a health inspection at Fiesta Grande Mexican Grill at Brownwood Paddock Square. The complaint sheet was so full a follow-up inspection was required.

The “temperature abuse” of the Chorizo Shrimp was so alarming that the inspector immediately imposed a “stop sale” order, according to an inspection report on file with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

There were also “stop sale” orders issued for shredded pork, chicken, raw shrimp and beef. Beans and ground beef had grown so lukewarm that the inspector ordered they be reheated to the proper temperature. The restaurant manager “voluntarily” discarded guacamole which had grown too warm, the report indicated.

Fiesta Grande at Brownwood
Fiesta Grande Mexican Grill at Brownwood.

In addition, raw animal food was not properly separated in a holding unit.

Other high-priority violations were found with regard to employee hygiene. One handwash sink at the cook’s line was “not accessible” and the inspector spotted an employee washing hands without soap. A dishwasher was seen touching dirty plates and then clean plates in violation of the health code.

The long list of violations also included fly sticky tape hanging over a food preparation area; an insect “zapper” in use over cornstarch and hot sauce; bottled beer in an unlocked storage unit outside the restaurant; employee face masks tucked above a microwave on the cook’s line; and employee T-shirts and fanny packs found in a food storage area.

The inspector returned Nov. 5 and found that all of the violations had been remedied.

The Fiesta Grande location at Brownwood had also been cited in July for two high-priority health violations.

Fiesta Grande also operates a restaurant at Colony Plaza in The Villages.

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