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Friday, August 19, 2022

Unchallenged immigration endangers America

To the Editor:

The end result of allowing this country to be flooded with unchallenged immigration is a stab into the heart of the safety shield of our country. Our borders are there to protect us and this administration has destroyed that protection. Why?
The answer to that question is, without a doubt, political supremacy on the part of the Democratic Party that controls Joe Biden.
We may be of different parties but we must first ensure that this country is safe from political manipulation beyond that we all tolerated since inception.
Winning is desired by all in competition but when the political balance can be swayed so far in one direction that we no longer have the ability stay politically, somewhat in balance across political desires, we, as Americans, have lost what so many other countries envy in political endeavors.
So, when one party, in the past, lost an election, it wasn’t very far in the future that that party had their chance to bring some things into their sense of political balance.
The Democratic Party, through its careless policies on immigration, both legal and illegal, is destroying the political safety we once enjoyed, and was, the envy of other countries.
The political outlook at the present is giving the Democratic Party a pyrrhic victory!

Joseph Kibitlewki, PhD.
Spruce Creek South


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