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Son in more hot water after calling mother seeking bail money

Scott Robert Kerster
Scott Robert Kerster

A son who took an Uber to the grocery store while his mother was hospitalized is in more hot water after calling her seeking bail money.

Scott Robert Kerster, 45, also known as “Scott Fudge,” continues to be held at the Marion County Jail where he has been lodged since March 19.

Kerster had been arrested last month after taking an Uber to a Winn-Dixie in The Villages in violation of his community control sentence which requires him to remain at home. He lives with his mother at the Lake Sumter Reserve Senior Apartments at County Road 466 and Cherry Lake Road. That arrest triggered an investigation that revealed Kerster attacked his mother last year after they left the Beef O’Brady’s restaurant at Mulberry Grove Plaza in The Villages. At the time, they were living in the Village of Chatham. A judge has ordered there be no contact between mother and son because of the pending battery charge against him.

This week, an additional criminal charge was filed against the Brooklyn native after he phoned his mother on March 20 from the jail.

During the phone call, which was recorded, Kerster told his mother his bail had been set at $1,000. He also advised her he could not return to their home, per the judge’s order. His mother told him she would call him once she had the opportunity to speak to a lawyer.

Kerster called his mother again the following day. Apparently, sensing the call was being monitored, his mother warned her son “not to say her name,” according to the arrest report. She also told him that he “will get into trouble” if he continues to call her. Kerster said he understood and the call ended.

An investigator called Kerster’s mother on March 22, but she denied speaking to her son. The investigator revealed he had listened to the phone call, prompting Kerster’s mother to admit she had spoken to her son, but claimed she did not know a no contact order was in place.

When Kerster’s probation officer was investigating the Uber incident, a neighbor reported that, “Scott goes out shopping and to restaurants often. Scott pressures his mom to take him out to eat and to shop.” When the probation officer paid a surprise visit to the Kersters’ home and he was absent, the mother admitted Kerster had gone shopping in her car.

Kerster was placed on community control after his conviction in a 2020 incident in which he stole money from a tip jar at Little Joey’s Italian Restaurant at Baylee Plaza in Summerfield. At the time, he already had multiple convictions for grand theft, theft and burglary.

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