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Sunday, July 3, 2022

No one should be surprised that economy is in recession

To the Editor:

I just heard the news reporting the last two quarters indicate we are in a recession, no one should be surprised with Biden in the White House.
His policies have created the gas shortage, stopping leases on government lands creating needless regulation on the new leases they approved, stopping Keystone pipeline approval of the Russian pipeline and probably many other wrong move.
The massive spending for the Covid pandemic with flagrant corruption and squandering of billions of those dollars.
The senseless open border giving illegals shelter, health care, food subsidies, cell phones and shipping them all over the country under unannounced destinations, unknown to the cities where they are shipped.
The corruption of the Bidens is being exposed almost daily with ol’ Hunter’s laptop being a treasure trove of proof that the Bidens are corrupt.
One of the disarming facts is that of all the Democrats serving in the Congress only two are pushing back on this president, Manchin and Sinema. Where are all the others, which causes me to wonder why would anyone would continue to vote Democrat. Those that vote for their local representatives are fooling themselves their representatives vote as ordered in lock step with what the leaders decide.
The policies of the last administration proved what this country is capable of with leaders that are American and have America and the American people interests first.
Just look at where we were and now where we are.

Robert Basye
Village of Piedmont


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