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Friday, August 12, 2022

Lady Lake Police Department welcomes Golden Retriever to its ranks

The Lady Lake Police Department introduced its new K-9 to the public Thursday morning at a meet and greet at Town Hall.

Chief Robert Tempesta introduced Fast, a 16-month-old Golden Retriever, to the audience along with his handler, Officer Ryan O’Neal.

Officer Ryan ONeal with K 9 Fast
Officer Ryan ONeal with K-9 Fast.
K 9 Fast of the Lady Lake Police Department
K-9 Fast of the Lady Lake Police Department

Chief Tempesta told the audience that Fast will be used to help track lost persons as well as detecting drugs. The chief thanked Kathy Haviland of Tri-County Outreach Services LLC for helping obtain a grant from the Moritz Foundation for both the K-9 and a specialized K-9 patrol vehicle.

Officer O’Neal has been with the Lady Lake Department for three years and is looking forward to training and working with his new partner. Fast has been living with O’Neal for the past three weeks and has adjusted well to living with his partner’s two pet dogs, a two-year-old German Shepherd rescue and a 12-month-old pure bred German Shepherd. O’Neal and Fast will continue training with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit.

The new K-9 patrol vehicle is based on a Dodge Durango. This patrol car has a rear compartment for K-9 Fast as well as special features to keep the dog safe and comfortable.

K 9 Fast will travel in this specially equipped K 9 vehicle
K-9 Fast will travel in this specially equipped K-9 vehicle.

Deputy Chief Jason Brough pointed out a feature called “the Hot Dog” which alerts the handler in the event the cabin temperature rises to a dangerous level. Should that occur, the vehicle not only alerts the handler it also lowers the windows. The K-9 vehicle also has all the standard patrol car equipment.

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