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Don’t be afraid to seize the moment

Lisa DeMarco

The two things my father invested most of his hard-earned money in for me growing up would have to be my education and the health of my pearly whites. I cannot carry a copy of my degree around my neck like a gold star winner’s ribbon, so I make it a habit to smile! Unfortunately, according to my husband Joey and many of my so-called friendly acquaintances, my “horse mouth” doesn’t always have to be wide open! 

Says them! I can exercise my jaw bones whenever I want. I can also testify that those are the strongest muscles in my entire body. It’s the only part of my whole body that is in constant use. So, if you are a faithful heckler on my column at Villages-News.com who leaves comments like, “Wow! I’ve never seen a mouth that big without a hook in it,” or, “Your smile resembles a famous actor, and his name was Mister Ed,” it’s OK

I don’t mind when people compare me to someone or something, as long as they remember me. I prefer it on a positive note, but any publicity is better than none. Sometimes bad reviews get more attention than an honest, simple message saying, “Good job!” 

Again, I’m up for anything, and sometimes just going with the flow leads you straight to Lady Luck on a day that sista Karma is already on your side. One of my favorite memories as a published author so far was when my first joke book, “Serving Up Some Funny,” came out. My best friend Mama Jo insisted that my family use her brand new, less than 100 miles on the odometer, 40-foot long, bus-size RV before selling it. She and her husband bought it before he passed away, and she really wanted someone she loved to get to use it before she handed over the title to someone else. 

Joey, our school-age daughters, and I decided to go mobile on our summer break. Generally, when the word cabin is used in our family it means on a cruise ship. But, this rig was amazing, and I prearranged permission to set up shop in front of several Pilot Truck Stop convenience centers. I hoped to sell some books, spread some laughter, and gather some new jokes, tales, and stories to add to my ever-growing collection. 

Joe’s friend, who sold RVs, came to our home to give him a 3-hour crash course on how it worked. He showed him all the intricate details involved in driving this BEAST and the proper way to work all the mechanics that made this vehicle such a BEAST! It was top-of-the-line, with all the extras added. It had: three sliders, bunk beds, a separate bedroom with a king-sized bed, and a full bathroom with a tiled shower large enough for even my hubby to easily bathe. The kitchen had more pantry space than I had at home. Plus, it had two large screened built-in television inside and one outside near the custom grill under the electric awning. 

We never really used any of the top-notch amenities crafted into these moveable walls. We merely used the vessel as a fancy source of transportation to comfortably cart my little princesses and me around. Instead, our parking accommodations were made ahead of time at RV campgrounds with resort-style extras included. Bathrooms and bathing facilities, pool, beach access, clubhouses with pool tables, ping pong tables, kitchens, and daily and nightly family activities. 

During our travels, we went to Port St. Richie, Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, Hollywood, Fort Pierce, and then up through Yeehaw Junction before heading back to Lake County. Then, we stopped for the last time to fill the beast’s 100-gallon gas tank before heading home to our own driveway. We would remove our belongings and detail the RV inside and out before delivering it to the dealer for Mama Jo. It was the least we could do. We thought it would be best. Mama Jo has lousy luck, and her driving skills are questionable, not to mention that she could barely reach the pedals. It wasn’t worth risking any incidents, only three miles from home. 

When my new book, “Serving Up Some Funny House Specials, ” is released soon, I’ll have to concoct a new and improved way to market it without such overhead. I would have never thought I would have the opportunity to indulge in such luxury as cruising around in a $250,000 recreational vehicle. Still, I am sure glad I got the chance to when I did. Considering gas prices now, we would never get out of the driveway more or less tour the state.  That is why I always say, “Seize the moment!”

Laugh on! Peace out!

Lisa DeMarco is a columnist for Villages-News.com.

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