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Friday, August 19, 2022

Response to Ed McGinty’s willingness to accept apologies

To the Editor:

Ed, I see that you are all enthused about the Prime Time Pelosi’s hand picked committee show! It’s funny how some people can’t see through what is really going on in this country!
This committee that you are all excited about are all hand-picked Trump Haters by Pelosi who are making sure they edit out anything in Trump’s favor to make him look as bad as possible for their own political motives. Pelosi dropped the two Republicans from the committee because they questioned her reason for turning down additional security that Trump’s office offered, and she intentionally wouldn’t put on more security! She was advised to take theTrump offer prior to Jan. 6 that he made for the 20,000 National Guard, because of the FBI reports of expected out of town groups that wanted to start trouble!! But because of her scheme to make Trump look bad, it backfired on her and she doesn’t want anyone talking about her error she made! So she kicked the two Republicans off the committee and created her Kangaroo report! Now the Prime Time report doesn’t mention a word of it, which is giving us misinformation!!
It is so sad that there is so much hate in our country and it’s time that the Dems and Reps start working together as Americans and start getting rid of these self centered politicians who are only concerned about their own benefit and power and do nothing for our people and country!! We may have different political views but we are all Americans and it’s time that we wake up and realize what is going on in this country, before we destroy ourselves and leave China to pick up the pieces!! Forget watching the media and listening to all the misinformation many of our politicians are putting out!! Start looking at the facts that we are seeing every day like inflation higher than ever, gas prices the highest ever, open southern border allowing drugs, criminals, diseases etc. into our country, empty grocery store shelves, no baby formula, high risk of a nuclear war, depending on foreign dirty oil and not using our cleaner oil!! We are starting to look like a third world country, which could happen if we don’t start working together and quit blaming everyone else for our problems! Quit letting people tell you how good we have it when it’s nothing but a lie!! Ask yourself and be honest, is life in America better today than it was two years ago and you don’t need a TV station or politician to tell you the answer!
Look at your 401k, the economy, how you are able to support your family, etc.
I know there is a lot of Trump Haters and there was things that he did and said that I didn’t like either, but his personality didn’t run this country, he did and he accomplished more good for America than most presidents! Two years ago we didn’t have the threat of war like now, our stock market was at an all-time high including our 401’s, our southern border was closed and getting better secured, we had a position in Afghanistan that kept us safer, our inflation was at 1 1/2% not like now at 7 1/2% before Putins war and 8 1/2% now, gas prices $2.25 and now $5.25, etc!! We didn’t have all these supply issues and don’t just blame it on the pandemic, for Biden’s administration never had a plan or saw this coming, until it was too late and now we have to worry about how to get baby formula in this country! Unbelievable!
Those are hard true facts that everyone better listen to and vote these people out of office who are responsible before it’s too late!!
Ed, I can’t believe that you made such a stupid statement about confessing to you! If you really believe that you’re God, try walking across water and take your golf cart and stupid childless signs and keep going!!

Ken Sulko
Village of Osceola Hills


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