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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Sumter County continues to pressure South African motocross racer’s noisy track

Tyla Ratta
Tyla Rattray is a former professional motocross racer.

Sumter County continues to pressure a South African motocross racer’s operation of a noisy track that has neighbors up in arms.

Tyla Rattray, a former South African motocross racer who trains other racers, had been granted a special use permit to operate a private motocross track on 52 acres in the Center Hill area. However, due to numerous violations, the county revoked the permit.

At a Sumter County Commission meeting in May at Everglades Recreation Center in The Villages, Rattray said the revocation of his special use permit for the track would allow him to use his private property as he sees fit.

“I tried to work with you,” he said before walking out of the meeting.

Apparently, he continued racing on the track, something a neighbor compared to the constant revving of “six chainsaws.”

New complaints about the 2008 FIM MX2 world champion’s private track were received May 30, June 3, June 6, June 10, June 13 and June 21, according to the county.

The complaints prompted County Attorney Jennifer Rey to send Rattray a “cease and desist” letter.

“Should the county receive any further reports of use of the private motor cross track, I am prepared to take the matter to court without further notice or demand,” Rey wrote in the letter.

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