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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Wildwood leaders place moratorium on new outpatient drug treatment clinics  

No new outpatient drug treatment clinics will be allowed to open in Wildwood for nearly a year under a moratorium enacted Monday night by the City Commission.

Under the resolution approved unanimously, the moratorium will extend until May 23, 2023. At least 10 substance abuse and addiction treatment centers currently are located in Wildwood.

Mayor Ed Wolf said the moratorium will give the city time to consider where treatment centers should be located and the appropriate zoning. The city is revising its comprehensive land-use plan.

The resolution stated that the commission is committed to helping people struggling with sobriety and that substance abuse and addiction services currently are offered by several entities in the city.

“The City Commission must weigh the burden on the city, its citizens and infrastructure that outpatient substance abuse clinics may have, as well as possible negative collateral consequences, versus the need for such treatment clinics,” the resolution stated. “The City Commission is dedicated to the safety and health of its citizens and desires the opportunity to review and revise its zoning ordinances and land development regulations prior to any new outpatient substance abuse treatment centers locating within the city.”

Florida’s Substance Abuse Impairment Act, also known as the Marchman Act, is part of a statute that helps people find treatment. The court system also may order treatment. The cost for three months of outpatient drug rehab in Florida ranges from $1,450 to $10,000.


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