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Friday, August 5, 2022

Demise of the Democratic Party

To the Editor:

I think the death knell of the Democratic Party will be sounded, as indicated by the recent revealing actions of the totally inept unAmerican policies of this administration and the reported millions of voters becoming Republicans. The flagrant lies to the public, the president making a statement and minutes later the White House trying to clean up his mistakes.
The reversal of President Trump’s successful policies of border security, greatest economy ever, strong military, worldwide respect from adversaries and friends. Real wages and jobs, the greatest in history for all Americans.
As the corruption is being almost daily exposing Democrats in power for their personal profit of them and their families. The double standard of justice for Democrats vs Republicans.
The “secret” funding of Afghanistan and billions being squandered worldwide.
Look at the polling numbers – favorables dropping almost daily for this inept administration.
The votes for more of these inept dangerous policies of the Biden Administration are not there from real Americans.
I think it is mind-numbing that 80 million Americans voted for the Biden/Harris team in light of the fact that neither one of them were ever successful on their own. The Washington elites covered for Biden his entire career and Harris is alleged to have slept her way to prominence via Mayor Willie Brown’s political power. Even her party didn’t want her as a candidate.
Based on the Democrats’ behavior, the end of the party seems near.

Robert Basye
Village of Piedmont


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