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Monday, July 25, 2022

Everybody should have to follow the rules

To the Editor:

I get that there are rules, but rules should be for EVERYone, not just those that have received complaints.
If you can’t have signage, statues, crosses or whatever, then no one should be exempt. If you only make those remove that have complaints, you could just be playing into a neighbor war.  what is fair for one should be fair for all.
Personally, I feel if I want a cross or a bird or a fish, it should be my choice. I own the property and I pay for taxes, landscaping, yard work, etc.
Now I understand that people could take their “decorations” a bit far, so there should be a limit, but i don’t understand how a small white cross is hurting anyone or anything, unless now we are giving in to liberalism whose feelings might be hurt because maybe they are atheist and don’t want to look at a cross. Look in Arlington and see what is there, and why they are there. It’s called “freedom” my friends.

JoEtta Hinrichsen
Village of Marsh Bend


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