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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Lawsuit seeks Congressional runoff election between Webster and Loomer

A lawsuit has been filed seeking to declare the Aug. 23 Republican primary election invalid and ordering a runoff election between Congressman Daniel Webster and challenger Laura Loomer.

Five individuals filed the lawsuit claiming that they are citizens of District 11 who voted in the election and believe that widespread misconduct by election officials occurred prior to and during the election in August. Webster, the incumbent Congressman, has been declared the winner of the GOP contest.

Laura Loomer cried when she spoke to supporters Tuesday night
Laura Loomer cried when she spoke to supporters Aug. 23 after the votes were tallied.

The plaintiffs allege that vote by mail fraud by way of address flipping occurred. They claim that Lake County Supervisor of Elections Alan Hays sent out thousands vote by mail ballots that were returned due to bad addresses yet were counted in the election. They claim that the fact that a voter’s address and other information can be changed in the database with out accountability raises questions about the integrity of the voter registration data base.

Plaintiffs also alleged that the Lake, Sumter, Orange and Polk counties failed to maintain accurate voter registration rolls and are unreliable. They claim that the failure to maintain accurate voter rolls resulted in a large number of illegal votes.

They also allege that a statistically significant number of voters cast more than one vote and that votes were counted from persons who are not Florida residents.

The lawsuit was filed by attorney John M. Pierce, who is representing several Jan. 6 Capitol riot defendants and is known for his support of Donald Trump, and local counsel Jerrod Williams. Loomer does not appear as a plaintiff to this suit. She has not conceded the race to Webster. Villagers for Trump passed a resolution earlier this month asking Gov. Ron DeSantis to investigate possible fraud in the primary election.

The individuals who filed the lawsuit are Anne Marcotte, Fletch Keller, Rick Carlins, Michael Levine and Theresa Rinadli.

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