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Officials on lookout for reported fence jumpers at Tamarind Grove pool

Community Development District 8 supervisors are closely monitoring reports of fence jumpers trespassing at the Village of Tamarind Grove swimming pool.

Last month, CDD 8 supervisors discussed concerns raised by Villagers about residents of a nearby apartment complex making unsanctioned visits to the pool, which is on the backside of the Trailwinds Village development on County Road 466A in Wildwood.

Assistant District Manager Brittany Wilson checked with Community Watch and the Recreation Department prior to preparing a report for CDD 8 supervisors.

Dispatch logs from Community Watch revealed there was an incident on June 30 when a resident called in a concern about two females in the area with backpacks, but it was unknown if they lived close to or in The Villages. The resident was transferred to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office to report the incident as a suspicious person, according to Wilson’s memo to the CDD 8 officials.

The Wilds at Trailwinds apartments
The Wilds at Trailwinds apartments are located behind The Villages.
The Tamarind Grove recreation area is visible from teh non resident side of construction fence.
The Tamarind Grove recreation area is visible from the non-resident side of the fence.

Another incident was reported on June 26 about “kids” at the Tamarind Grove pool which was directed to Sterling Heights Recreation Center staff to check on. The teenagers involved in that incident have not returned.

“Neither of these incidents specifically addressed individuals coming over the wall/fence from Trailwinds into the pool area,” Wilson said.

The landscape buffer on the left is opposite of the fence at the back of the Village of Tamarind Grove
The Trailwinds Village landscape buffer, on the left, is opposite of the fence at the back of the Village of Tamarind Grove.

In addition, Recreation Department staffers are checking IDs four times per day at the Tamarind Grove pool – once during the opening of the pool, mid-day and two checks later in the afternoon/evening. That is one more than the three daily ID checks at all other pools in The Villages.

“Staff will continually monitor this area as they have been doing. We strongly encourage residents to report the activity when it is taking place, so it can be addressed immediately. If they feel it is an unsafe situation, then they should not hesitate to contact 9-1-1 to have law enforcement address the issue,” Wilson said.

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