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Friday, November 4, 2022

Florida needs a true and honest reformer and it isn’t Ron DeSantis

To the Editor:

My former husband was a Florida State Senator back in the 1990’s. The Florida insurance commissioner has always been an insurance insider who has allowed a revolving door of property insurance companies, allowing them to close up, cancel policies with little or no notice and flee the state only to return under another corporate name and cherry pick only lower risks.
The basic concept of insurance is to insure all and spread risk. Today’s insurance industry in all areas is corrupt, so that it is little wonder that the wealthiest families are in that industry – Warren Buffet (Geico) and the John D & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (Bankers Life), Patrick Ryan , Thomas Hagen just to name a few. There are no penalties imposed on the companies and none of the principals have been banned from doing business in Florida, as they should be. It is corrupt practice and the companies are corrupt. Gov. DeSantis just gave them money (which he will no doubt get back in the form of campaign contributions) instead of reforming them. Florida needs a true and honest reformer and it isn’t Ron DeSantis.

Lea Beckett MD, MBA
former Villager now living on Lake Harris in Tavares


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