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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Hammock Oaks builder wants to expedite Rolling Acres Road improvements

The builder behind an enormous project is eager to expedite improvements to Rolling Acres Road.

Greg Beliveau of LPG Urban-Regional Planners told the Lady Lake Commission on Monday that the Kolter Group, the developer of the Hammock Oaks project, is ready to front money for a study that could expedite the expansion of Rolling Acres Road. Kolter is eager to develop hundreds of acres of tranquil pasture land between Cherry Lake Road, Lake Ella Road and Rolling Acres Road. The company plans to begin building within 18 months. Beliveau is representing Kolter on the Hammock Oaks project.

However, traffic concerns have dogged the project.

Rolling Acres Road is already so overburdened with traffic that it has been declared a failing road.

Kolter has responded to complaints from existing residents. The company has voluntarily added traffic circles to try to slow down traffic going in and out of the development.

You can see a recently updated layout for the development at his link: Hammock Oaks

Beliveau said that “private money” from Kolter and potentially other developers with projects on Rolling Acres Road could speed up the process, rather than waiting for government to find a solution.

Heavy traffic on Rolling Acres Road has contributed to several fatalities in recent years.

Beliveau indicated the Hammock Oaks project as well as others on the local drawing board could prove to be “recession proof.” He said there is a ravenous appetite for workforce housing within the vicinity of The Villages.

In addition, Hurricane Ian could prompt many Floridians to forsake life on the coast and move inland to Central Florida.

“We’ve see it after every hurricane,” Beliveau said.

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