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Are we really dummies?

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

This is a technical world. The changes that have been made since I was born are amazing.  However, I find that it breeds some discrimination that practically no one seems to mind.  I refer to the fact that if you purchase a new laptop – perhaps your first one; you might think that you will need some help.  Obviously, you could call on your twelve year old grandson, but somehow that does not seem right as you helped him to get to twelve by dispensing the wisdom of an older generation.  Thus, you decide that a good thing to do would be to buy a book so that you can proceed at your own pace.

You further decide that the book you need should be for a beginner.  In looking over book lists, it appears that the beginner books have titles like – Laptops for Dummies and SENIORS.  OK, sometimes it is Seniors and DUMMIES.  What you have right before you is discrimination in its highest form.  In short, there are books all over the place that are placing a whole generation – possibly two, in a negative manner that no other generation would accept.  Can you imagine a book that was entitled “Solid Geometry for Dummies and Teenagers.” If there were one, there would be all heck to pay. 

Any school that would purchase a book with that title would find its meeting full of hostile parents and teenagers venting drastic comments.  It would make the papers and the TV commentators would declare their outrage and wonder why the government (any government) didn’t do something about this obvious slam at a certain generation. They would declare that it was the fault of the Democrats or Republicans – depending on which station you were watching.

There could be all sorts of books in the same vein.  How about, “Easy Divorces for the Middle-Aged and Dummies.” Actually, this might sell as most people who wanted such a book might not look beyond the first two words.  However, it is still a slam at a generation which should not be tolerated.

Yes, it is true that that the last books mentioned do not exist – at least I don’t believe that they do.  However, there are many cases of books and other printed material linking seniors and dummies in the same category.  Personally, since I am in the senior category, I find it appalling that I am classified as a dummy solely due to my age. Something needs to be done about this heinous discrimination.  Therefore, I would like to start an organization known as SSPA.  It would stand for Seniors are the Smartest People Around.  True, there may be a little braggadocio involved in the title, but any new organization needs something to catch the eye of the public who can be fickle (all generations).  Since this is a generation matter everyone in the senior generation would be invited to join.  We would cover the entire gamut and even all the TV stations would have to listen to us since many of their listeners would be involved.  Right after the next election when everyone is recovering would be a good time to bring the senior generations concern to the forefront.

Seniors of the World, let us unite!

Barry Evans is a columnist for Villages-News.com

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