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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Wildwood commissioners give final approval to high-density residential development

Wildwood commissioners gave final approval Monday to a 639-unit high-density residential development on about 47 acres near the southwest corner of county roads 466 and 209 in Oxford.

Developed by Acorn Investments LLC, Commander’s Pointe also will include five acres of commercial and is expected to add 179 students to Wildwood schools.

Commissioners approved a comprehensive plan amendment changing the land’s designation to high density residential and commercial from low density residential and neighborhood commercial. They also endorsed a zoning change reflecting the higher density.

The dotted lines show the proposed location of Commanders Pointe in Wildwood
The dotted lines show the location of Commander’s Pointe in Wildwood.

Commander’s Pointe is one of several pending large residential projects west of U.S. 301. Others include Highfield at Twisted Oaks, where 374 single-family homes are planned on the north side of County Road 462 and One Hundred Oaks, which would include 407 dwelling units on about 119 acres about 1 ¼ miles south of the Florida Turnpike.

Highfield is one of several Twisted Oaks projects located north of the U.S. 301 overpass. The main Twisted Oaks development, approved in July, will have up to 1,210 homes on 387 acres. Later this month, the City Commission will consider Twisted Oaks Multi-Family, where 240 units on 19 acres are planned.

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