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Eager builder pledges $1.4 million to expedite progress on Rolling Acres Road

An eager builder has pledged $1.4 million to expedite progress on Rolling Acres Road.

Kolter Group is ready to front money for a study that could expedite the expansion of the congested problematic, two-lane roadway. Kolter is eager to develop hundreds of acres of tranquil pasture land between Cherry Lake Road, Lake Ella Road and Rolling Acres Road. The company plans to begin building within 18 months. The area could be home to 4,000 new residents within a few years.

John Curtis
John Curtis

John Curtis of Kolter at Monday night’s Lady Lake Commission meeting unveiled the $1.4 million commitment for Rolling Acres Road in an attempt to push through the massive development which will bring millions in tax dollars to the town’s coffers.

“We are doing everything we can to try to help the town get something you want. We are going to be a partner in this town for many years to come,” Curtis said.

Despite the $1.4 million pledge from Kolter, Commissioner Ed Freeman remained skeptical.

“I would like to see the letter of intent for this $1.4 million. To me, a promise is no good until there is a signature on the bottom line,” Freeman said.

Almost on cue, a letter on Lake County Public Works letterhead was produced that seemed to back up Kolter’s promise – though it did not include the $1.4 million figure. You can read the letter at this link:rolling acres pde on Letterhead 2022-11-21

It wasn’t enough for Freeman. The Water Oak resident proceeded to cast a series of lone dissenting votes against the project.

Prior to the votes, Greg Beliveau of LPG Urban-Regional Planners, who is representing Kolter, tried to make the case for the improvements to Rolling Acres Road, which would pave the way for the rapid development of Hammock Oaks and the other housing entities and retail. Beliveau has argued that the rapid growth of The Villages has created a crucial need for workforce housing for employees in The Villages, who are commuting to work each day, many of them driving a great distance.

Lady Lake Commissioners Ed Freeman and Ruth Kussard.

“That’s not our problem. If they are commuting, they are using U.S. Hwy. 27/441 or County Road 466. They are not on Rolling Acres Road,” Freeman said.

However, Commissioner Ruth Kussard clearly sees the value Kolter will bring to Lady Lake.

She called the company a “quality builder.” The Village of La Reynalda resident has not been a pushover in the negotiations and has asked many questions throughout the process. She has threatened to hold the company’s feet to the fire, noting the development will be in her ward.

You can see a recently updated layout for the development at his link: Hammock Oaks

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