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The Villages
Tuesday, November 22, 2022

So what’s the truth about The Villages?

To the Editor:

We watch “The Villages Newcomers,” with Jerry & Linda every Tuesday and most Thursdays. They constantly talk up how great the lifestyle is and all the friendly neighbors. There’s always the disclaimer, “Don’t take our word for it…” They seem to be an honest couple. Still, one would think if things are as bad as comments I’ve been reading of late, they would be addressing it to some detail rather than dismissing it as pretty much the fringe. Can you perhaps contact them with actual examples of the number of disgruntled people (%) who have been made to feel unwelcome by those living inside The Villages? Also, explain why it is not only the Villagers that are paying for square entertainment. Is it because the entertainment is open to ALL Florida residents? If so, The Villages should post signs to this effect.

Mary Surherlin


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