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Roofer arrested after allegedly forging Villager’s signature on document

Christopher Lee Culig
Christopher Lee Culig

A roofer has been arrested after allegedly forging a Villager’s signature on a document.

Christopher Lee Culig, 36, of Deland, was arrested Wednesday by Sumter County sheriff’s deputies on a felony charge the he had forged a document.

A resident of The Villages said that Culig had been working on her neighbor’s house across the street. She said that Culig forged her name on a notice of commencement form that was submitted to the Sumter County Clerk of Courts office, according to the arrest report.

A notice of commencement is a form publicly filed in county records to signify that a construction project is beginning. The form contains information identifying the people involved with the project, such as who the property owner and construction lender are.

Culig submitted the apparently forged document and it was approved through the Sumter County Clerk of Courts office, according to an arrest report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.

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