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EMT claims paramedic sexually assaulted her in ambulance

Gabriel Ryan Trujillo
Gabriel Ryan Trujillo

An emergency medical technician for American Medical Response claims a paramedic sexually assaulted her in an ambulance.

Gabriel Ryan Christopher Trujillo, 39, of Oxford Oaks, was arrested earlier this week on a warrant charging him with sexual assault. He remains free on $10,000 bond.

The release of a report is shedding light on the incident which led to his arrest.

An EMT said she had been on duty with Trujillo on July 15, 2022 when their Sumter County-contracted AMR ambulance was parked at Trinity Baptist Church on U.S. 301, near the intersection of Warm Springs Avenue, according to the report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. The female EMT indicated she was going to take a nap in the back of the ambulance. She took off her boots, laid down on a gurney, placing her cell phone and portable radio on a nearby bench. A short time later, she heard the side door of the ambulance open and Trujillo entered the back of the ambulance. She later recalled he had a look on his face she described, “As never seeing before.”

Trujillo began kissing the side of her neck and unsecured her velcro belt. He unbuttoned and removed her pants. He proceeded to forcibly have sexual intercourse with the female EMT. She said she was in a “complete state of shock” and had been unable to speak. She got dressed and they soon responded to a call at UF Health-The Villages Hospital.

In the wake of the alleged incident, Trujillo obtained a lawyer and indicated he would not provide a statement to law enforcement.

Gabriel Trujillo previously worked for Nature Coast Ambulance Service in Citrus County
Gabriel Trujillo previously worked for Nature Coast Ambulance Service in Citrus County.

A detective went looking into Trujillo’s past and found that a woman who had been employed at Nature Coast Ambulance Service in Citrus County had an unwanted encounter with Trujillo in 2017 or 2018, when he was working there. She said she had been laying in a bunk when Trujillo climbed in bed with her. The Colorado native began touching her “inappropriately.” The woman said she pushed Trujillo off of her and he left. Two other woman were interviewed about past relationships with Trujillo. They claimed he had been “physically aggressive” and “pushy and abusive.”

Sumter County has steadily reduced its contractual relationship with AMR. The Villages Public Safety Department began providing ambulance services last year in The Villages. Prior to that, AMR provided ambulance services in the Sumter County potion of The Villages.

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