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Friday, February 23, 2024

Competing realtors can force The Villages into action on out-of-compliance home sales

John Kastura

It isn’t easy to find a solution to the out-of-compliance home sales in The Villages that have already occurred.

The primary real estate firm is the developer-owned Properties of The Villages; it has not provided a solution, leaving homeowners with the cost of compliance.

However, here is a potential solution covering all future sales: Realty Executives and Re-Max appear to be major competitors to the Developer-owned company. he proposed solution is for Realty Executives or Re-Max to start advertising that they include a $10,000 (limit) insurance policy to pay for the cost of correcting out-of-compliance issues that were in place when the home was sold; the policy term would be ten years. These insurance policies will pressure the sales agents to look for out-of-compliance issues before they place homes on the market.

Obviously, the pressure would then be on the Developer-owned company to do the same. It might also encourage our District Government to provide a for-fee compliance inspection service.

John Kastura is a resident of the Village of Belvedere. 

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