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Frustrated officials hike fines on hoarder to $500 per day

Community Development District 5 supervisors wasted no time Friday in slapping maximum fines on the mother of a notorious hoarder.

Barbara Packard, owner of the home at 1889 Blythewood Loop, faces a $500 fine plus $500 daily if the property is not cleaned up in five days.

Last month, supervisors heard neighbors complain about the property, but took no action because it then was in compliance.

Hoarding has been a constant problem at the Packard home on Blythewood Loop
Hoarding has been a constant problem at the Packard home.

But a Feb. 14 inspection determined that junk and debris had returned to the front yard.

The hoarder apparently is Barbara’s son, Jeff, who neighbors say goes scavenger hunting on garbage collection days and returns home with barbecue grills and other items he tries to repair and sell.

Besides the fines, supervisors are trying other tactics.

An April hearing will determine whether Packard is in contempt of court and she could face possible fines and jail time.

Acting on a suggestion by Sup. Mark Schweikert, a retired judge, the board also agreed to pay attorney Mark Brionez to research whether a trustee or monitor could be appointed by the court to oversee cleanup of the property. 

Resident Jim Shields suggested an intervention by professionals might help, but board chairman Gary Kadow said a similar approach has been tried.

“There never has been a case like this in The Villages,” Kadow said. “The real problem is not the property owner. It’s the person who’s living there – her son.”

Mary Jane Bloom, who lives across the street, told supervisors she and her husband, Tom, are upset that the problem has continued for several years.

“I just think we’re in a Groundhog Day situation,” she said. “Nothing has been done.”

Tom Bloom said he has never been threatened by Jeff Packard, but is afraid of him. He said they are thinking about moving out of The Villages.

“We can’t have The Villages dream with this across the street,” he said.

Supervisor Jerry Knoll said he understood the couple’s frustration at the time it’s taking to find a solution.

“It does seem like it’s cumbersome and agonizingly slow,” he said.


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