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Attorney general goes after foundation that falsely claimed to aid cancer patients

Ashley Moody
Attorney General Ashley Moody

This week, we took legal action against the Cancer Recovery Foundation International and its founder and president for not directing funds to cancer patients as promised. 

The foundation also operated and solicited donations under the name Women’s Cancer Fund. The foundation claimed that funds raised would go directly to support cancer patients and families in need. However, a civil investigation revealed that CRFI directed about one penny of every dollar toward supporting patients. Of the $18.25 million donated to the charity from 2017 to 2022, only 1 percent went to help women with cancer.

Instead of providing financial assistance for utility bills, rent and food, contributions were used to pay professional fundraisers and the president’s salary.

Cancer is a terrible disease that affects millions of Americans nationwide. The defendants exploited the generosity of Floridians to solicit millions of dollars in donations that were never allocated as promised.

With this action, we are working to recover money for cancer patients and to ensure that this organization never deceives donors again.

For tips to avoid falling victim to charity scams, view our Scams at a Glance: Charity Scams resource here.

By holding bad actors accountable and sharing how to spot charity scams, we will continue building a Stronger, Safer Florida.

Ashley Moody is attorney general of Florida.

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