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This election is America’s most important election ever

What are the political issues this year?

Abortion – if you are a grandparent or parent and you want the entire country to be pro-life, see what your grandkids or kids think of this no legal abortion concept. Over 60 percent of the country wants legal abortion, chances are some are in your family. They are the ones that have to live with your views. What do you do if they don’t share your views? dis-own them? allow them to choose? Why force your views on others outside your family that don’t agree with you?

The border – Mike Johnson at the behest of the former president, won’t allow a vote on a senate bi-partisan bill to change border law because the former president wants it to be a campaign issue. I thought we elect representatives to work for the people that voted them to the House, not a former president. Mike thinks Biden can solve the border problem with the stroke of a pen. If that were true, why didn’t the former president use his pen to solve the border problem in his 4 years in office? The half built wall he wasted money on that Mexico never paid for as promised was a waste.

The national debt – as a life long financially conservative Republican, I no longer recognize the party or their mission. The national debt increased 8 trillion dollars under the former president, largely due to a tax cut that benefits only the wealthy. I don’t recall any Republican politicians expressing concern for the national debt, not one voice in his 4 years. I don’t condone some of the progressive spending that Biden is doing but he is the perfect example of the far lesser of 2 evils.

Climate Change – the former president calls climate change a fraud, that’s his go to answer for things he doesn’t understand.

Health Care – the former president in his term in office promised a far better health care system than Obama Care. That ranks right up there with the broken promise that Mexico would pay for his promised wall.

Should the Constitution be suspended? – the former president has asked the Supreme Court to give president’s absolute immunity for any crimes committed while in office. He probably sees this as perhaps his only way of avoiding jail time for crimes already committed. I can’t believe there is any way the Supremes’ can put him above the law without trashing the constitution. If they do grant immunity to presidents, I hope to see Biden have Seal Team 6 drop him 100 miles off shore of Mar-a-lago and ask him to swim home. The Supremes will also need to watch their back with no rule of law. Does this remind you of how politics work in Russia?

International Responsibilities – Ukraine is a big country with a somewhat small population invaded by a communist dictator. The former president has expressed his admiration for Putin and all the other dictators in the world. He has said if re-elected he would tell Putin to do whatever the hell he wants in Europe and we would no longer be a part of NATO. Our financial support for Ukraine would not continue. Sounds like America would look a lot like Russia without a bullet ever being fired.

How can we trust a man that has already tried to overthrow the government? – Jan 6th is still being re-analyzed by the GOP house trying to put lipstick on that pig. He slipped at a recent campaign event saying that if he isn’t re-elected there will be a “Bloodbath” a real “Bloodbath” which any sane person would believe was a call for civil war. His campaign tried to put lipstick on that pig as well trying to make it sound like anything but a call for civil war in a second insurrection. Yesterday, it was reported that now that he is in control of the RNC, people that want involved are being asked “Do you believe the 2020 election was stolen”? Apparently, not satisfied that his own Supreme Court that ruled against his Stolen Election claims in 2021 due to no evidence, Rudy Giuliani’s quote that they had a lot of theories looking for evidence (never found) and Rupert Murdock losing over $700 million to the voting machine company that his network slandered, it sounds like he is laying the groundwork to try that lie again. Al Gore showed some grace after losing the 2000 election by a narrow margin (537 votes) and conceding without an extended court fight that was doomed anyway. The former president pressured Georgia to “find” just enough votes to make him the winner in that state. Total lack of grace by the former president not to mention criminal.

This election is America’s most important election ever, I hope a majority of the electorate is paying attention.

Don Thiele is a resident of the Village of Briar Meadow.

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