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Friday, July 12, 2024

Restaurant with tiki hut set to open later this year in The Villages

A new restaurant featuring a 2,500-square-foot tiki hut and a waterfront view is set to open later this year in The Villages.

The Harry and the Natives restaurant will be constructed near Okahumpka Recreation Center, overlooking Lake Okahumpka, between the Village of St. Johns and the Village of Richmond.

Ground was broken earlier this year for the new Harry and the Natives restaurant at Lake Okahumpka.

The restaurant will have a “old Florida” feel to it. Alligator and frog legs will likely appear on the menu. The restaurant building will be 5,000-square-feet. Live music will be a prominent feature.

Harry and Anne MacArthur already operate the original Harry and the Natives Restaurant in Hobe Sound. They saw the proposed location in The Villages and said they were all in. They even bought a house in the Village of St. John.

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