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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Oren Miller case sounds like prosecutorial misconduct

To the Editor:

In my opinion, Oren Miller should be awarded back pay for the time he was removed from office.
From the very beginning I thought he was given a raw deal and over charged. This man ended up spending 75 days in jail and I’m sure went through hell with his reputation dragged through the mud. Here is an innocent man with no prior criminal history spending 75 days in jail, at Christmas no less.
As to who should pay for it? Well to me the whole case sounded like prosecutorial misconduct.  But I am sure they are not going to pay him. So pay him out of the same account all Commissioners are paid from. We are spending millions here I’m sure it won’t bankrupt the system.
In closing, I just want to say I don’t personally know Mr. Miller. It just seems fair that he at least receives his back pay after all he went through.

Ray Mack
Village of Monarch Grove


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