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Clearly the Israelis are the ‘good guys’ in Gaza conflict

To the Editor:

America and the rest of the world have turned against Israel since their citizens were tortured, murdered and kidnapped by Hamas on October 7th. What Hamas did was very extreme and very evil. For a short period, America and the rest of the world gave “lip service” that supported Israel’s justified response to the horrible evil event. However, based upon what has happened since then, it was only “lip service.” Violent Pro-Palestinian demonstrations appeared suddenly on many campuses and generally around the entire globe. I believe that was a result of George Soros’s funding, Astroturf organizing and indoctrination by liberal, anti-Semitic professors that basically have a monopoly on campuses.
Many people think that Israel has gone too far in their war against Hamas and that they are the evil party and that Hamas and the Palestinians are the “good guys.” Nothing is farther from the truth. We need to look at the facts. First and foremost, Israel gave the Palestinians the Gaza strip freely in 2005 and evicted over 9,000 Israelis so they could have a Palestinian state. As thanks for doing that they turned Gaza into a terrorist camp from which to attack Israel.
Second, Israel is a far, far superior military force. Consequently, that is like a little “pipsqueak” putting his finger in the eye of a giant man. When Hamas has attacked Israel before October 7th, which are too many times to count, Israel has shown great restraint by only responding with a proportional response. That can be done with a military attack, but Israel would never do to Palestinian civilians what Hamas and Palestinians did to Israeli citizens. They are too civil and have consistently demonstrated great efforts to protect civilians mixed in with the enemy soldiers.
On the contrary, Hamas hides behind their civilians. They use them as human shields, set up headquarters in hospitals and schools and then when civilians get killed, they blame Israel. Israel drops leaflets and lets civilians know in other ways how to escape the attack zone. Israel has become too wise to continue a proportional suicidal philosophy. They have learned that Hamas, the Palestinians, and the Muslim ideology that is based upon the Koran only seeks their destruction not a deceptive two-state solution.
It has been stated that Israel only has to lose one war to be annihilated while their standard proportional response allows their enemies that seek their destruction to fight again and again.

Many may not know that the Israel’s whole legitimacy and struggle has a biblical basis:
• God said that Jews are His chosen people
• Jews are the apple of God’s eye
• God gave them the land and much more
• They lived in the land previously
• The Arab resentment against them was from Ishmael’s illegitimate birth.
o He shall be a wild man
o His hand shall be against every man
o And every man’s hands against him
• God said He would bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel
• They would be scattered amongst the nations because their unbelief
• They would return to their former home again, although, in unbelief
• They would revive their original Hebrew language again
• All nations will come against Jerusalem
• They will go through hell during the three and a half years of the antichrist’s rule
• Two thirds of them will be killed
• The remaining third will recognize their messiah and be saved
• They will be special people during the Millennial 1000-year reign of God on Earth.

Bill Nitardy
Village of Sunset Pointe


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