Soil at sinkhole-damaged home in The Villages remains ‘fairly unstable’

Marion County code enforcement has opened a case regarding an unsafe structure in the Village of Calumet Grove. Marion County Building Safety has inspected the structure, deemed it unsafe and requested code enforcement officials to open a case per the Marion County Code of Ordinances, article five, section 82.

The house at 17092 McLawren Terrace belongs to widow Doris Morrill. It isn’t salvageable and must come down, according to an engineer’s report. She has reportedly received a check from her insurance company, but hasn’t cashed it. There is said to be a dispute involving her late husband’s children from a prior marriage.

Her home has remained in limbo since massive sinkholes opened up Feb. 15. Her house was declared uninhabitable shortly after the sinkholes rocked the neighborhood.

Access to the sinkhole-damaged homes on McLawren Terrace has been blocked.

“To date nothing has been done,” said District Manager Richard Baier.

He added that the soil remains “fairly unstable.”

District Counsel Valerie Fuchs said she spoke to Morrill’s attorney and the attorney understood it is his client’s responsibility to stabilize the property.

Fuchs said the attorney said it is Morrill’s intent to try to sell the property.

Action must be taken within 60 days at the property.

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