New gas station opens its pumps at Trailwinds Village in Wildwood

A new gas station has opened its pumps for business at Trailwinds Village, joining an ever-growing list of companies to call the new development across from Pinellas Plaza home.

Circle K, which opened this past week, is the first gas station at the new plaza and the fourth on the popular County Road 466A, which runs through Fruitland Park and into Wildwood.

Circle K opens its doors at Trailwinds Village
Circle K opened its doors at Trailwinds Village

Trailwinds Village has been sprouting businesses at an impressive rate.

Last week, readers learned of Jersey Mike’s plans on opening a store at the new Trailwinds Village.

Earlier this summer, Aldi was the first grocery store to open its doors. Just a couple weeks later, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits opened next door. 

In January, Lowe’s was the first business to open its doors at the new development. 

What new businesses would you like to see open at Trailwinds Village? Share your thoughts in a comment or a letter to the editor.

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