Residents in Village of Summerhill fed up, frustrated over ‘problem child’ in neighborhood

Residents in the Village of Summerhill are up in arms about a “problem child” living in their neighborhood.

The residents packed the board room at Friday’s meeting of the Community Development District 3 Board of Supervisors to complain about a teenager they say is living at a home on Idlewood Loop.

Residents said they have repeatedly called the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office about the teenager who they say roams the streets, peeps in windows and has exposed himself to at least one woman.

They claimed the teen is living with his mother and grandmother in the home. They said they believe the teen is autistic.

Several residents went to the podium to describe incidents and their frustration with the situation. They asked not be identified, fearful of retaliation, and is honoring that request.

The mother of the teen in question was recently arrested after a night of drinking at Lake Sumter Landing. She entered a plea of not guilty in the case earlier this week in Sumter County Court.

District Counsel Valerie Fuchs told the residents that the CDD 3 board has no legal standing under Florida statute to address the situation because it is an internal matter in the home. The board’s authority is limited to the outside appearance of the home.

Residents said they have contacted The Villages, but said they were told nothing would be done.

Residents added that they believe the teen is 16 and they are fearful this situation will continue until he is 19 and could potentially live his entire life in The Villages.

While they do not have the authority to act, supervisors were sympathetic to the residents’ plight.

“We have a community, women especially, that are frightened over a child,” said CDD 3 Supervisor Steffan Franklin.

They encouraged the residents to work with the sheriff’s office and report any incidents.

Another option might be pooling their money to hire a lawyer, but residents said they did not believe they had the resources to go that route.

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