Deputies raid problem home in The Villages

The SWAT team was on the scene in The Villages.

The SWAT team was on the scene in The Villages.

Sumter County sheriff’s deputies executed a search warrant Wednesday morning at a troubled property in The Villages.

The house at 1902 Antonia Place previously has made headlines.

Frustrated, overwhelmed neighbors showed up earlier this month at a Community Development District 1 supervisors’ meeting to complain about the unkempt property located near Tierra Del Sol Recreation Center. They also hinted at what they suspected was illicit activity at the home.

Shortly after 6 a.m., the might of the sheriff’s office descended on the problematic home. The SWAT team executed a search warrant obtained after a confidential informant helped orchestrate three drug buys on three different occasions at the home.

An older man with health issues owns the home. A niece had moved in and brought in other individuals who were said to be engaged in illegal activity. The niece has a long history of arrests dating back to 2007.

Sumter County sheriff's deputies executed a search warrant at 1902 Antonia Place.

Sumter County sheriff’s deputies executed a search warrant at 1902 Antonia Place.

Chief Deputy Gary Brannen, who was at the scene before dawn, said golf cart parts had been discovered in the home. He indicated the home may have been used as a “chop shop.”

He said drugs and drug paraphernalia were in plain sight in the home.

The owner of the home is not believed to be involved in the illegal activity. A dog living in the home will remain with the owner.

Several people were being taken into custody this morning.

Sumter County sheriff's deputies collect evidence.

Sumter County sheriff’s deputies collect evidence.


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  1. Paula Rae Shuster Montgomery says

    I have a feeling the niece moved in and moved in all her colorful friends in without her uncle’s permission. Thank Gosh!, they helped him get his house back and they are all out and will serve some time somewhere else… Its called elderly abuse.

  2. Allyson Hancock says

    As a family member of am SCSO SWAT officer I commend the department on a job well done. Now let’s continue to try and clean up this county!!!

  3. Linda Helmbrecht says

    Good job! But a question remains… many of you know for sure, without a doubt this very same thing isn’t going on in your neighborhood? Not a chop shop necessarily, but a home where drugs are sold everyday? One does not need to have a caravan of cars in their driveway to suggest drugs are being sold. Your sweet neighbors may sell to friends, or family and you would have no idea of the activity until they too were busted.
    I’m not defending these people by any means…but there is a lot that goes on under your noses that you have no clue about? JMHO!

      • LiZa Adkison says

        AGREE Ann, but we probably have a shoplifter or 2… whatzup with these people??? James R. said it was probably dementia for the most recent one caught, but i don’t agree… me thinks they have been doing it their whole life, and don’t realize there are cameras EVERYWHERE!!!

        • LiZa Adkison says

          you’re correct Ann… nothing on my body works right anymore, including my arthritic fingers… i don’t even bother correcting anymore… and i think sometimes, people might be “text spelling” to save strokes… i don’t text, but have seen my daughter do that…
          Linda, you might lighten up a little, worry bout the big stuff… i only comment on bad spelling when the speller has mocked others for it

  4. Ellen Cora says

    Our Sumter County Sheriff’s Office offers a Citizens Academy a few times a year to show us what resources they have and their training.It is free of charge and lasts several weeks (one afternoon a week). We can feel very safe from ‘all enemies, foreign and domestic.’ Believe me! The Citizens Academy is well worth your time — it is amazing. All our Deputies and our Sheriff swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution. We are very blessed! THANK YOU, Sheriff Farmer and the SCSO.

  5. LiZa Adkison says

    GO SUMTER COUNTY!!! no feckless wonders there…

    and let’s hear it for the “anonymous complaint system”

    so glad none of the LEO’s were injured, and i wouldn’t mind an armored tank to take down these lowlifes…

    and YES, let’s take Tonys’ suggestion and DO NOT RESPOND to you know who… i got taken to the woodshed for using the word “booger”, yet no one has spoke of his bathroom talk

    absolutely NOT trying to bring politics in, but the REAL feckless wonder, Obama, has taken a lot of this great equipment AWAY from police forces, that was formerly used by the military… this is what should be used on the streets of chicago, where there are more bad guys than good guys

    • Stan Jones says

      Who are you trying to kid? It’s impossible for you to not bring politics into the discussion. On his worst day Obama has more dignity and class than you and your ilk will ever have.

  6. Sharon Jeffries says

    I think Chip’s comments are primarily geared to stir the pot of controversy, which always happens. He probably agrees with about one third of the nonsense he posts. I find him laughable, actually, the responses are what’s really laughable.

  7. Connie Chiappetta says

    Clearly Chip has a problem with law enforcement. All of his posts have disparaging remarks about police. Perhaps he has had a run in or two with them. I ask him how he would like to live in a country with no laws or no law enforcement officers. That would be a terrible place to live. I think he would be the first one to complain.

  8. Myles Burke says

    Great to hear….get rid of that liberal trash littering up “The Villages”….the more force the better, that way the next group of trash might think twice before playing around in “The Villages”…if they lived next to me, it would not have taken a day or two before I called the police….Great job police!!!!!….the stricter the better, or the Villages you love today, will be slums in 20 years or so….

  9. Ann Eggleston says

    Thank you, deputies for the great police work and investigators who worked tirelessly for who knows how long, bringing this incident to a safe conclusion. No one was injured, the bad guys are in jail and the sheriff’s get to go home to their families. I would say this was a success! God Bless you all!

  10. Sherren PJ says

    Chip is a teenager masquerading as an adult who is purposefully annoying. His posts are best ignored. Perhaps he’ll get bored and go away.

  11. Fran Gyomory says

    Chip you are disgusting ! Never, ever do you have solutions, just nasty Snipes! If you hate this world and the people, become a silent monk. That way you can only have yourself to blame!

  12. Jacqueline Chenault says

    Chip, please tell us how you could possibly know what type of force was needed? People on drugs can be very unpredictable and it is easy to forget it is their lives on the line in that moment not ours.

    • Chip Griffen says

      Jacqueline – I agree 100% that the police need to use “Overwhelming Force” when serving a warrant. That force however could just as easily be used in a vehicle that is not painted to be at war in Trashcanistan.

  13. Martin Coene says

    Thank you Sumter County Sheriff’s Deputies !

    And a big thank you to those neighbors who stepped up to the plate and assisted the Deputies in this investigation.

    And to Chip, once again you are showing your intelligence..

    What a dope you are, and I certainly DO hope and pray you need to eat your words someday.

    I am being PC little buddy…You don’t want to know how I really feel about you.

  14. Gephart Suzanne says

    Congratulations to the neighborhood and the police for their diligent work to apprehend these criminals. All done without anyone getting injured. I hope every neighborhood continues to report illegal behavior to our dedicated and efficient police department.

  15. Fran Kennedy says

    I feel so sorry for the poor old guy who owns the home. He probably has dementia and doesn’t even know what’s going on. The evil niece probably said she’d take care of him. There should be a special place in hell for people who prey on the elderly, especially when they are ill.

  16. James Radatz says

    It takes all neighbors in a good neighborhood to keep it clean. These creatures that were arrested, are what destroys a neighborhood. Keep up the good work citizens, Your standing with the law, is what we need and want in all neighborhoods.

  17. DianaLantana says

    Guess even here in the Villages we have to pay attention to what is living next door to us. Good for the neighbors speaking up to keep the trash out of their neighborhood. Sometimes you have to just step up and speak up to keep your neighborhood safe.

    • Tony Garcia says

      The police act on the information given to them through investigations, CI’s and neighbors. With all the drugs and paraphernalia confiscated, who’s to say that these people may have had weapons that could have been used against the officers and innocent bystanders.

      They were ready in case force was needed. No wastefulness, just common sense. Good work, officers.

      • Ann Eggleston says

        People on PCP are especially dangerous. Tasers generally don’t even affect them. Many officers have died on these kinds of calls. Fewer since they’ve stepped up the show of force. Chip is so busy Monday morning quarterbacking he’s losing touch with reality. Of course, he knows how ever police incident should have been handled. It’s so easy with the benefit of no split second decisions and no danger in his recliner. The show of force is also to hopefully keep the druggies in place rather than running and endangering the public. Of course Chip doesn’t think about anyone else.

    • Yvonne Dillaha says

      Chip, why would you not have an armored vehicle when executing a drug raid? People engaged in that activity, more often than not, are not your gentle souls. That’s like saying someone is armed and dangerous. Have you ever heard of a criminal being armed and docile? LE has as much reason to protect themselves as they do cop haters like you.

        • Joseph Bailey says

          Hey Hunter…What do you have against VW Bugs??? I bought one for my wife a few birthdays ago….but who’s counting…I live right around the corner and I’m mad I didn’t get invited to the whoop-la…LOL…Good riddance…

          • Hunter Hampton says

            I think they’re great. Had one myself in the 60s. Just can’t imagine a SWAT team showing up in one.

      • Ann Eggleston says

        Exactly, Yvonne! Police are often “out-waeponed” by drug dealers. Chip doesn’t seem to understand that police officers want to go jback me at night to their wives and children, just like everyone else. And, they have every right to. Just a year ago a Columbus, Ohio officer was shot and killed by a shooter that had set his apartment building on fire. The officer was in the SEAT vehicle and the bullet went through the turret on top and killed him. Fortunately, others were safe inside the armoires truck or the tragedy would have been multified. You’d think, knowing so many cops asChip claims to know that he would care more about their well being.

      • Chip Griffen says

        Yeah, it is that pesky Constitution and the terrible Bill of Rights document…oh, and the lack of martial law that continues to be cumbersome not only on the police, but also the court systems.

        Shame, I guess. As long as the police continue to violate the rights of the people, “The People” will continue to offer probation to criminals as opposed to risk charges being tossed at a trial. But, don’t let reality get into the way of a scenario. An arrest is like masturbation, I guess it fits an immediate need. Long term, neither will propagate further. The reason that MOST charges are “plead” away is that in many cases an arrest, a search, an interrogation will be tossed…

        Now, lets all wait in the wings for the story about a local deputy who rear ended a citizen while in his squad car (injuring him) and tried to cover it up….(not in the news yet…lets see how long it takes….)

        • Joann Perry says

          I am paraphrasing your comments but it seems you are saying this “raid” satisfies an immediate need but no long term results. What do you suggest law inforcement do when someone is selling drugs and running a chop house out of your neighbors home? I also get the sense that you feel you have been a “victim” of law inforcement in the past.

          • Ann Eggleston says

            Joann, I gave thought Chip has a few arrests under his belt. Of course, I’m sure they were unjust.

          • LiZa Adkison says

            Joann, thank you for the paraphrasing… i find it strange that 5 people clobbered me for using the word “booger” last week, yet he uses unnecessary bathroom talk, and no comments…

        • Pete Sesnick says

          Where were people’s rights violated? The Constitution and the Bill of Rights require a search warrant. To obtain a search warrant the police must convince a judge that they have probable cause. The police (in this instance, the Sherif’s deputies) had a search warrant. Since I have not seen the warrant, I don’t know the basis for its issuance, but I assume the deputies found that which formed the basis of their probable cause. Do you have information to the contrary?

        • Fred Nilles says

          Chip, your the kind of guy that is very easy to dislike!
          If your comments weren’t so off the wall,
          and nonsensical it might be different!

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